January 4th, 2010
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New Year, New ResolutionsHappy New Year to all our adoptionblogs.com readers! I hope you all had a wonderful, safe new year, surrounded by those you love the most. We had a quiet night. My husband had to work, so the kids and I had a sleepover in (*gasp*) mommy and daddy’s bed. They loved it, and I did too. We had snacks and drinks, and the three of us (plus three cats and a beagle) were out cold well before 9 PM. But we all woke up happy and together, and my husband walked in the door with a cup of my favorite coffee in hand. Not a bad start to 2010 at all.


I’ve been thinking a lot about what this year means to me, especially as a parent. This year, my son will turn four and start “real” preschool in the fall. My daughter will celebrate her third birthday, and hopefully land a much-coveted spot in the Early Learning program after her big day. We will hopefully add a new member to our family (although we’ve changed our adoption plans and have decided to no longer pursue Ethiopia–more on that later), I will celebrate my thirtieth birthday, and husband and I will mark our fifth year of marital bliss. 2010 has a lot in store, that’s for sure. I’m more than ready to welcome it all with open arms.

Admittedly, I’m not one for “resolutions”. For the past few years, I’ve only (and always) had one: never go to bed angry. The first year was the hardest, but now it’s second nature. I never go to bed angry with anyone for any reason. But this year, I decided to add another resolution to the line up.

Sure, I’d love to skim off a few pounds, commit to a better exercise plan, and volunteer more frequently, but more importantly, my resolution is to unplug (kind of ironic seeing how I’m writing this blog as we speak, right?!). Sure, I’ll still keep my facebook and twitter accounts. I’ll still write here. I’ll still check my gmail every day. I’ll still maintain my family’s basic website/blog, and our personal adoption journal. But I will no longer be nearly as accessible to my online life when my kids are up and about.

I’ve written blogs with my kids at the table beside me, coloring and chattering away. In 2010, I resolve to leave my online life to during nap time and bedtime only. Work will always be there. Something will always need effort and attention, but these days with my children–these are precious, rare moments. Soon enough, they’ll both (all?) be in school for eight hours a day, and I’ll long–fiercely long–for these days, these moments. I don’t need to update my twitter every time I have a cup of coffee or peruse the sales ads. I don’t need to blog a passing thought the moment it arises. I do need–I do want–to be there (in every sense of the phrase) for my children. I want to offer my undivided attention to those I love the most. The addition of my new resolution has already made 2010 so amazing and full of promise.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I hear one of the kids stirring over the monitors. Nap time is almost over. Gotta get ready for a snack and some fingerpainting. Happy New Year! May 2010 be your most magical and wonderful year yet!

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  1. karae says:

    Good for you Courtney! This is the best New Year’s Resolution I’ve heard of yet!

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