January 4th, 2007
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Our family never intended to adopt even one child. So, how did we get all the way from three birthed children to 27 children?? Good question! We knew we wanted one more child, preferably a son. That longing motivated us to find a way to add that child to our family. How would we find the child meant for our family? We decided that we would foster a child. From that initial longing, our family expanded quickly with methods including foster care, adoption from foster care, private adoption, permanent legal guardianship, and adoption from disruption. The routes I know of that we did NOT use are infant adoption and international adoption. (We did adopt several children born internationally. However, they came to us after their first US adoption disrupted. My husband and I have never actually visited another country to adopt a child. Yet, our family includes Russian, Ethiopian and Mexican born children. We’ve also done very long term respite for children from Ukraine and Bulgaria.)


Our first foster/adopted children, as mentioned before, thrust us into a world of parenting very difficult children. As siblings, they also taught us quite a bit about sibling relationships and sibling adoption. After that, our hearts and home opened to include primarily children with severely disturbed behaviors and in their sibling groups wherever possible. We found our ability and calling in this sort of parenting. Other families find their ability and calling in parenting a child with a different background altogether. I think it is the combination of all of these parents that makes adoption so amazing and wonderful. So many children need homes and families; so many families wish to add a child to their family. Each child is unique and longs for a family perfect just for them, parents who are drawn to them. It is a mutually blessed story when it all comes together.

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  1. arroller says:

    We’ll be traveling in about 10-12 weeks to pick up our two children (siblings–boy/girl) from Ethiopia. Our third adoption.

    Angela :-)

  2. Theresa says:

    How exciting!!! Hope everything goes wonderfully!

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