May 23rd, 2008
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Though our therapist felt our daughter was “adjusting beautifully” at our last visit, she did schedule a follow-up, just to “check in.” Today, about a month out from the last visit, we had the check-in appointment.

Once again our daughter went off for her one-on-one with the therapist, though for this visit their “alone time” was a little longer. When I finally got to go in, it was much the same as last time! Our therapist feels that our daughter has truly made remarkable progress and has truly adjusted, and adjusted well! She said that our daughter understands the rules, logical consequences, and can clearly articulate them.


Our therapist said it appears that our rules are clear, consistent and appropriate. Whereas she gave our daughter praise and kudos, she gave Mom and Dad some, too! She said whatever we’re doing, we’re doing it all just right – a very nice thing for a parent to hear every so often, especially when your child has suffered with behavioral or emotional issues. Many times you feel like you’ve just blown it – again! – and you have self-recriminations constantly.

They played a couple of board games, as well. My daughter lost the first, and did not pout, whine, throw a fit or cry. She won the second, and also demonstrated the appropriate emotions.

When I checked in about what appears to be my daughter’s inability to let go of her “mothering role” and just be a kid, she said that girls in particular are hardwired for nurturing. Pair that with previous environmental issues, and it creates a scenario where it’s a little harder for her to let go of her “job” of mothering. She said to continue to give her boundaries, and eventually, though the hardwiring will still be there, our daughter will overcome the need created by her environmental issues, and settle into her role.

Our therapist feels that our daughter is ready to be released from care and that we only need to check in if there is some sort of crisis that needs attending to! We are so proud of our daughter!
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  1. MamaS says:

    You should be proud of yourselves too! It sounds like you are doing an A+ job!

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