November 21st, 2012
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soccerRasmussen’s are soccer players.  Whether you were born into our family or adopted in, that’s what we do…or so I thought.  We have six kids, 3 bio, 3 adopted.  Our adopted kids are sandwiched in the middle with an older brother (13) and younger twin sisters (4).  We have two boys adopted from Ukraine (age 10, not bio brothers) and a daughter (9) adopted as a newborn (a domestic open adoption).

Did you know that everyone does not like the same things?!?  Yes, I knew that was probable, bio or adopted, kids are all different.  I assumed a child with my DNA would be more likely drawn to the same activities that I was programmed to enjoy, and to some extent that is true, but there have been some surprises as well.  When we adopted I didn’t know what our kids’ preprogramming was and for all our kids I wanted to give them an opportunity to find what they really loved to do.  We have had some success figuring it out (and some “non-successes”.)


One of our 10 year olds I thought we had pegged right away.  He was coordinated, fast and athletic.  My husband played hockey and soccer and I thought our son would be perfect for either.  He tried soccer first (too much running) then hockey (liked it OK but was never that into it) when he was old enough to play football he didn’t express any interest even though a few of his friends were playing.  So we tried Boy Scouts (nope) then swimming (likes to swim but not take lessons).  Finally gave him the Community Ed booklet and told him to choose something, anything, “Karate!”  He started karate this fall and loves it!  Also started playing the saxophone for band and tried-out for the winter musical at his school.  So instead of high-fiving the other parents after a goal we will be standing and applauding, proudly shouting “Bravo!”

As for the other five kids, some have found “their thing” others not so much.  This fall I signed up the two little girls for their first soccer season.  I coached.  I was so excited; they were too…until game time…every week.  You know your kid’s not interested in something when you look for them on the field and find them instead thoroughly enjoying petting a dog on the sidelines. (They’re still young; they may still have soccer in their future… “Or dance” my mother offers.)

So yes, Rasmussen’s are soccer players…and martial artists, saxophonists, actors, gymnasts, readers, singers… and dog enthusiasts.

Written by: Cindy Rasmussen

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