March 27th, 2007
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bpd2What it’s like to be the sister of someone who has borderline personality disorder……..

I love you…get away!

Borderline Personality Disorder not only affects the people who have it but the lives of everyone else around them. I live with kids that have many problems. One of the hardest disorders to have in my house is BPD. Living with siblings that have BPD and that don’t receive any treatment is very hard. You know that their mood can change any second. It just makes it that much harder to live with them. I love my siblings. All of them. But having BPD makes them very unpleasant to live with. Like, whenever we are having a good time, they try to ruin it for the rest of the family by being really grumpy. For example during family pictures one of my sisters decided to be a little pain in the rear and not smile and be just really obnoxious. It kind of ruined things for the family a little. But my family is determined not to let it ruin the rest of our day, because it was like one of the only days that we had all been together in a really long time. Sharing a room with someone who has BPD can also be very difficult. Sometimes there is a little while where we all get along, then all of a sudden -its like BAM!!!!- time to be mean and be easily butt hurt. One of my other sisters that also had severe BPD and had been getting very close to my mother and later would throw it in her face and constantly stole from her. The next day it was kind of the same routine, or sometimes the same mood would go on for a couple of hours then it would be a time of anger or sadness. It’s just hard. But I’m glad that we have the parents that we do, who can handle us most of the time and keep loving us, no matter what our problems are.


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