March 18th, 2008
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I was really excited to receive a new book in the mail about adoption issues. Adopted Teens Only A Survival Guide to Adolescence is 98 pages of clearly written, useful, and relevant information organized in a logical sequence. The book isn’t actually for adoptive parents although it can be eye opening for us to understand what our teens are thinking and going through emotionally. It is written for adolescence who were adopted and are trying to make sense of it all. The book was written by Danea Gorbett and published by iUniverse. Danea had many questions and mixed feelings about her birthfather as a teenager. Therefore she wrote the book to help adopted teens work through their feelings and search for their own answers.


When I began reading the book, the first thing that came to mind was, “I bet my adult daughters would find this interesting.” The second thing that came to mind was, “I think my children at home would like to know some of these things.” I have read chapter books aloud to my children before and they really seemed to enjoy it. We would read one or two chapters a night and sometimes I would find them sneaking a peak at the next chapter. I am telling you this, because I am considering reading this book aloud to my children. Five of our children still living at home are adopted and I know that at least two of them are struggling with some of the questions addressed in the book.

One really neat thing about the book is that it is designed to get the teens not only thinking about the issues but creating a plan. After each thought provoking, potentially emotional issue, Danea has several challenge questions. These are followed by several potential solutions. Then the teens are encouraged to create a plan of action with deadlines. Danea even suggest ways to organize the plan and follow through with it. I’ll be writing more about each chapter soon.

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    Hi Julia — Just back from a week of Dead Computer, and so glad to be back. I’m particularly interested to know what Lyn thinks of this book? — Rachel

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