Sensory Diet

March 28th, 2007
Categories: Sensory Issues

We just learned the results from the Sensory Profile. Livi is found to have a low sensory registration (she is not bothered by things that bother others- high pain tolerance) sensation seeking and sensory sensitive behaviors. In the tactile department she was found to be mildly defensive, meaning she is bothered by messy hands and the waist band of her clothing. The OT told me that Livi craves sensory input and hops, jumps and bounces to feel her body in relation to her space. Heavy work and Proprioception are the main things we will work on.... we have already been doing some of these things at home.. the hard part is just finding the energy to keep up with my input craving toddler… [more]

Sensory Profile

March 27th, 2007
Categories: Sensory Issues

One of the first things the Occupational Therapist had me fill out was a sensory profile.This is a screening tool that will help the Occupational therapist learn about our needs and the issues we are facing at home. It will enable our occupational therapist to create a sensory diet tailored to Livi’s exact needs and pin point what her sensory issues are all about. I’m looking forward to learning the results. The one I filled out was for ages 7 -36 months and had 38 questions. This is for caregivers/parents to fill out to give the OT an idea of how the child is functioning at home. It covers visual, tactile, auditory, oral and vestibular and multi-sensory concerns. The profile asks questions… [more]

Active Toddler or Sensory issue?

March 8th, 2007
Categories: Sensory Issues

So Many people have told me “ Oh That’s Normal” when talking about my active sensory seeking daughter. How do you differentiate what is normal and what can be more of a red flag behavior? Many people have asked me how Livi’s behaviors are any different than just an active toddler. It is hard to tell, but working with children for so many years I just knew that something was a little different. So how is it different? Well for starters my girl is always bouncing, moving, hopping, climbing…she has a constant need to move. She is high endurance as my cousin Amy pegged it. She craves a rough touch and does not know she is not being appropriate. This is our… [more]

Sensory Activities

February 28th, 2007
Categories: Sensory Issues

While we are still waiting for our OT referral for Livi’s sensory seeking issues I have been reading all I can get my hands on about SID and a sensory diet. A sensory diet just means planned & scheduled activities to do with your child under the guidance of an Ot to provide the child’s nervous system with the input it needs. It is something that is done at home, school and in therapy sessions. A sensory diet will be created especially for your child depending on his/her sensory profile and needs. What works for one child may irritate another child, so this is something that needs to be tailored to your child’s specific needs. Someone recently asked me well aren't all Toddlers… [more]

Life with a sensory seeker

January 3rd, 2007
Categories: Sensory Issues

We are just starting out on the Early Intervention road to figuring out what is up if anything with Livi. I have a referral for an OT- occupational therapist and we will find out if Livi does have a sensory integration disorder or if all these behaviors are typical for both a toddler and PI- post institutionalized child. When I tell family about Livi being a sensory seeker and her sensory behaviors they ask what’s that? It’s hard to explain; I find it easier to explain a sensory sensitive or sensory avoiding child because we all know children who are sensitive in that way. Whether it’s to sound, touch, the tags on their shirts. Its seems most can relate to a Child who… [more]

Mom abuse

October 30th, 2006
Categories: Sensory Issues

My daughter is a sensory seeker… she is rough and tough. She hugs hard and often head butts me a few times before each snuggle. She has head butted my nose hard enough to bring me to tears; hard enough for me to think it could be broken. She has pinched me, bitten me, cracked me in the cheekbone a dozen times, bruised me, given me a fat lip, popped me in the mouth, in the eyes, and kicked me too many times to count. It seems that not a day goes by that I don’t sustain an injury of sorts. Im not being dramatic here, it happens daily. She can be snuggling in my lap watching tv and she will dig her toe in my leg… [more]