Toddler Tantrums: Beauty’s Acting Beastly

September 16th, 2009

Beauty's Pumpkin Patch TantrumI’ll admit it: my daughter, Beauty, has a Case of the Terrible Two’s. I say it with both relief and regret—relief that’s she’s developed into a two year old whose lust for independence has led her to push her limits, and regret because, well, a day without tantrums in this house has been a rarity as of late. And let’s face it, a house loaded with tantrums is not a pleasant place to be, even if it is a part of growing up and learning to stretch her wings of independence. Let me stop to clarify for a minute: tantrums, in certain forms, are completely acceptable in our home. It’s all a part of a child’s process of growing up… [more]

Discipline and Adopted Child: Time Outs

October 29th, 2007
Categories: Time Outs

Time outs are the big fad of this generation. I have used them myself with varying levels of success. I found that time outs worked better when my son was younger. As he has moved on to his school-age years, I find that putting objects into time out works much more effectively to curb his behavior than putting him into time out.

People do time outs in different ways, but most agree on the formula of one minute of time out per year of life. For example, you would put a two-year-old child into time out for two minutes. When my son was a toddler, I gave him a time out to his crib, and this was very effective. For preschoolers and up, you can give… [more]

Behavior Management: Time Out/Time In

June 11th, 2007
Categories: Time Outs

timeoutI wish we’d had more training on behavior management before accepting a foster or adoptive child. Now that I have opportunities to work with other foster and adoptive families, I hope to make that a big part of what I can share. I’m certain that more knowledge and tools can be a huge help to families working with children that have special behavioral needs. One technique that most parents have heard of is time out. Here are some thoughts and ideas on time out. Three types of time out 1) Time out for the child A time out is designed to remove the child from the problem behavior. The child will have a brief period of time to calm… [more]

How to Help an ADHD Child Take a Time Out

May 27th, 2007
Categories: Time Outs

time outHow do you put a child with ADHD in a time out? Successfully, that is? This is an actual photo of my son when asked to take himself to a time out. It will likely not surprise you to learn that he has ADHD. Here are some tips to change a time out from the way it looks in this photo and something a lot more successful! 1) Have a defined area for his bottom and/or for his legs. With a chair, tell him that his bottom is to stay on the chair and his legs folded down the sides. A carpet square works as a portable time-out area. Tell your child that his bottom is to… [more]