Re-establishing Daily Routine

January 29th, 2010

518984_a_little_girl_saying_good_night_1The holidays have come and gone. If you're anything like me, I'm still not back to my normal routine. I feel that I'm almost there, but not quite. It's hard to wrap my head around a whole new year, and the fact that my vacation is over. Reality is calling, and I'm trying not to answer. Chances are you and your children may be experiencing the same thing. The holidays were a busy time of year. It was filled with get-togethers, obscenely early shopping trips, delicious sugary treats, and time off of work and school. It was a time of year to be enjoyed and cherished. But once it's over, it's time to get back to your daily routine. While it may be… [more]

Household Chores and Developmental Delays

January 12th, 2010

Household Chores with Developmental DelaysOur Beauty is inching up on her third birthday (just over two months to go) and we've started a new addition to her daily schedule: a household chore. Some may argue that almost-three is too young to be helping around the house, while others believe that assisting with household duties should start as soon as a child is old enough to walk and talk. Bear has been "helping" around the house for as long as I can remember. He helps me dust (with a clean, dry cloth), he helps me feed and consequently let out the dog, he helps me sort laundry and he puts away all the silverware (sans knives of any sort, of course) after it… [more]

The Stability of Schedules

December 22nd, 2009

The Stability of SchedulesI've been reading over the journal I kept to document our journey of adopting Beauty, and let me tell's pretty intense. I can still conjure up so many of those feelings as I read over the entries: the nervousness, the excitement, the longing, the love. This time of year is so emotional for me as we celebrate another year of our life as a family of four. I love reading those seemingly mundane updates of plowing through paperwork, but the words written once she finally arrived home? Those memories are priceless to me. Lately, I've been reading over the entries with an eye out for "lessons learned". Not necessarily in the process, but more so after Beauty arrived home… [more]

The Teeter-Totter of Time Management

December 20th, 2009

Managing Time Between Two ChildrenAs a mother of both a two and three year old, I sometimes think I have it easier than most by having two children a mere ten and a half months apart in age. I mean, they're only ten and a half months apart in age after all. Shouldn't that make my time management--and ultimately, my life--easier? In some respects, I think it does. Right now, they're both amused by many of the same things. They both enjoy preschool-geared television shows (in moderation), coloring, Play-Doh, playing outside, eating cookies (again, in moderation), etc. However, Beauty's delays as of late are becoming quite pronounced in light of Bear's advancements. He's always been a bit accelerated (he's a fast learner) but… [more]

Controlled Chaos: Lessons From the Game of Life

April 29th, 2008

As a kid, I loved board games, but never played the very popular Game of Life. Now, as an adult, I still love games, though I play more of them on the computer than anything else. Imagine, then, my joy at finding a “newfangled” version of the game of Life for the computer! But, boy, is it ever fast-paced. With my ADD, there are times in the game where I just get mind-boggled with all the activity going on! At various stages of the game, there are three to four (or more!) people vying for your attention! Interestingly, none of them are capable of doing small routine tasks, yet some have jobs in corporations…just when they get home, they seem to revert to “Mommy’s-at-home-itis!” Thus, it… [more]

Why Adoptive Parents Need to Slow Down

October 12th, 2007
Categories: Time Management

One of my biggest frustrations in my day-to-day life is being surrounded by people who live their lives at 60 miles per hour. This phenomenon is certainly not limited to adoptive parents. However, as adoptive parents, I believe it is even more important that we learn how to slow down and then teach this skill to our children. We were not entrusted with our children to clutter their lives with activities and “stuff”: We were chosen so we could connect with, love, and cherish our children.

I do not know why Western society has become so obsessed with “doing” all of the time. I know people who never have time for a play date or a cup of coffee because they are always running errands – ALWAYS!… [more]

Love Thursday- Blogging together

February 8th, 2007
Categories: Time Management

So how does a toddler Mom find the time to manage two blogs? I admit that before my fantastic hubby got me this handy laptop I was blogging only at naptimes and getting all my posts for the following week ready on Sunday mornings when my husband would watch Livi. I try not to blog on the weekends because weekends are for family time. Prior to getting my great laptop, I did not have a lot of time to be at the computer since it is in our formal living room and even if I would bring toys in there for Livi to occupy herself, she would still be getting into everything. So I would put her high chair next to my… [more]