Holiday Anxiety and Adopted Children

April 7th, 2007
Categories: Easter

larry eggsIt’s Easter Egg Day at our house. My 4yr old has asked us about Easter Egg Day at least a hundred times over the last week. He’s excited in such a major way that you can’t help but smile over his joy. At the same time that Joey is so excited, our house also has plenty of another kind of excitement. Flowing freely through the house air are enormous loads of anxiety. All of this anxiety shows forth in as many behaviors (or more) as there are children feeling flush with it. Why so much anxiety? Adoptive parents often could find themselves answering in unison: It must be a holiday. Holidays, for many a source… [more]

Love Thursday- Easter Basket

April 5th, 2007
Categories: Easter

Its Love Thursday again... already. Like all Love Thursdays I begin by browsing my picture files and seeing which Photo pops out at me. What will I post for Love Thursday today? There were many cute Easter Egg hunt photos to choose from, I have many pictures of my daughter decorating easter eggs, cute pics with the really tiny teenage girl in a really old super big and really ugly bunny suit. Pictures of My daughter just fascinated by that big ugly bunny. Then there are the pictures of our recently completed Good Wish quilt and scrapbook. I have a few pictures of our 1st family day dinner celebration with just the three of us. For some reason I kept… [more]

Easter – Fun Family Activities

April 1st, 2007
Categories: Easter

easterEaster is coming up quickly! Here are a few ideas for activities you might enjoy doing with your family. 1) Easter egg treasure hunt. Number the eggs from #1 to #??. Starting at the beginning, leave a clue with each egg telling your child how to get to the next egg. 2) Surprise neighbors with Easter eggs all over their yard. With this activity, it’s probably best to use plastic eggs so that nothing spoils before the neighbors find out about it. (I loved this idea especially so because I could see potential for turning this into a service project, just in the simple doing. I love ideas where I can get my kids thinking about others!) 3) For toddlers/preschoolers/young… [more]