August 16th, 2013

21 - Blog Post 221 will always be a special number for me. 21 was when I felt as though I had become fully grown. I felt liberated and free and ready to show the world how mature I was.  But 21 has now taken on a new meaning for me because I adopted a sweet wonderful little girl on the 21st and my world has changed. I went from wife, business owner, and now I get to add Mom. On the 21st day of September my daughter was placed in my home after we visited each other for two months. I remember it like it was yesterday how her face lit up when she put all her things in her room. We put on some music and organized… [more]

Barbies and Caseworkers

February 5th, 2007
Categories: Home Visits

barbiesWhile washing dishes, I overheard a few of the girls playing Barbies. One was the “Mother Barbie”. I heard “Mother” yell out to the younger Barbies: “Everyone hurry and help clean up!!! The caseworker is coming!” To hear my daughter state “me” so plainly was enlightening. I did yell that out to the kids every time we had a home visit. We all rushed about cleaning every normal thing and a bunch of less-normal things as well. I had tons of anxiety! I don’t know that the “pre-caseworker cleaning anxiety” is all bad. It certainly did help keep my house really tidy on a regular basis. Not that we’re pigs now, but nothing like some pressure to… [more]

Social Worker Visits

January 31st, 2007
Categories: Home Visits

family home A social worker made yet another visit to our home this morning. We are in the process of finalizing the adoption of a wonderful little group of five siblings. When they were originally placed with us, the children were in foster care placed with a plan to reunify with the birthmother. Six months later, the birthmom chose to relinquish her parental rights and we were asked to adopt. We agreed. That was 2.5 years ago – and we are STILL in the process of adopting these kids! Sometimes I wonder if it will EVER be over?!? Glad to have previous experiences, I know that it will; I just need to be more patient. Again. When/if… [more]

Post Placement FAQ

January 29th, 2007
Categories: Home Visits

It’s that time again, time for our second post placement visit. When we adopted four post placement visits were required. I know that this is an ever-changing requirement with many international countries. This is something very important to follow through on. Russia has halted adoptions all together in regions because of parents not turning in post placement reports. I believe that Ukraine also closed its doors all together because of this. Its just one of those things you need to do. Yes it’s a pain. Because our adoption agency is out of state, we had to hire a social worker from our state to do our post placements. We had communication issues with our first Sw and we are now… [more]